Gregory Yauney
I'm a sixth-year CS PhD candidate at Cornell, advised by David Mimno. He is great.
I am interested in the impact of data curation in ML, rigorous evaluation of language models, the intersection of NLP with ML theory, and digital humanities. I also like photography!
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I'm on the postdoc and industry research job market! Please reach out if you think I'd be a good fit for your team:
Stronger Random Baselines for In-Context Learning
Gregory Yauney and David Mimno
COLM 2024
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A Pretrainer’s Guide to Training Data:
Measuring the Effects of Data Age, Domain Coverage, Quality, & Toxicity
Shayne Longpre, Gregory Yauney, Emily Reif, Katherine Lee, Adam Roberts,
Barret Zoph, Denny Zhou, Jason Wei, Kevin Robinson, David Mimno, and Daphne Ippolito
NAACL 2024
Outstanding Paper Award
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The Afterlives of Shakespeare and Company in Online Social Readership
Maria Antoniak, David Mimno, Rosamond Thalken, Melanie Walsh, Matthew Wilkens, Gregory Yauney
Journal of Cultural Analytics 2024
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Data Similarity is Not Enough to Explain Language Model Performance
Gregory Yauney, Emily Reif, and David Mimno
EMNLP 2023
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Probing Heterogeneous Pretraining Datasets with Small Curated Datasets
Gregory Yauney, Emily Reif, and David Mimno
Data-Centric Machine Learning Research Workshop at ICML 2023
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Comparing Text Representations: A Theory-Driven Approach
Gregory Yauney and David Mimno
EMNLP 2021
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Domain-Specific Lexical Grounding in Noisy Visual-Textual Documents
Gregory Yauney, Jack Hessel, and David Mimno
EMNLP 2020
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Network Analysis Finds Shifts in the History of Modern Architecture
Gregory Yauney and David Mimno
Poster at Digital Humanities 2020
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Combatting the Challenges of Local Privacy for Distributional Semantics with Compression
Alexandra Schofield, Gregory Yauney, and David Mimno
Privacy in Machine Learning Workshop at NeurIPS 2019
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Computational Prediction of Elapsed Narrative Time
Gregory Yauney, Ted Underwood, and David Mimno
Workshop on Narrative Understanding at NAACL 2019
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